Valuation tool is in Alpha testing


The team behind has more than 10 years of experience in the field of buying and selling web based companies.

We always felt that, a proper tool for valuing ecommerce businesses was missing in the marketplace and finally after 10 years, we decided, that if no one else was going to build it, we had to do it ourselves.

The vision is to create a real software tool that can help you find a realistic valuation of your ecommerce business or website.

The valuation that you get for free on this website is our alpha version of this software tool. The valuation you get here is more accurate than any other free online valuation tool on the internet and this is only the beginning!

So feel free to play with it, tell your ecommerce colleagues and share this in your network. The more data that is put through the machine, the more accurate we will be able to make the valuation over time!

We wish you the very best with your ecommerce adventures!

Thank you for visiting!